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    San Gorgonio Pass, Touring & Riding (SGPT&R) was formed in October of 2005 to promote solid friendships thru Motorcycle Touring and Riding. We meet the second Saturday of every month at 8AM at Bobís Big Boy in Calimesa at the Calimesa off ramp on the south side. Fuel is on the north side; please arrive at the restaurant fully fueled.

The club was started as, and will continue to be, a family oriented group. The entire family is encouraged to meet at destinations and or functions. For those that donít ride or the families are too large for one or two bikes, they may follow the group in their own car, which may also act as a safety vehicle. We also have a safety course every October with a certified Training Officer where we like to see full attendance for this event. In December we take our treasury and provide necessary clothing and sundries for a local senior center, which is usually Police escorted.

Membership in SGPT&R is non-discriminatory, regarding Bike, Race, or Religion. Male and Female riders are welcome to apply for membership. All prospective members must have a license with a motorcycle endorsement or permit (which limits your rides) and valid insurance. Your motorcycle must be able to maintain freeway speed limits and have a normal capacity fuel tank.

We are here to relax and have fun, we believe in no pressure riding. We will ride at the comfort level of the least experienced person in the group. Each group will have a Road Captain and Tail Gunner; the lead group will also have Shepherdís for the new riders, or those with little experience for the first three rides.

We ask that all riders to leave their attitudes, religious and political views, personal issues and other problems, along with other affiliations colors at home. We ask that all members ride in a safe and courteous manner, and enjoy the ride and destination.

The new members will ride a minimum of three (3) rides with a Shepherd and will than be able to be voted in to the club; if you decide not to join, you will not be able to ride with the club any longer. Riders interested in becoming a Road Captain, Tail Gunner or Sheppard will ride a minimum of three (3) rides with the lead person in that group and be signed off at that time to earn their tabs.

We are a constantly growing group and would like to see it keep growing with riders that have the same attitudes and outlooks as we have. We have a solid reputation in the area with the businesses, and general population. We have been featured in the local newspaper (full page +) and several other places. The word of mouth from both members and businesses has been tremendous..

We as a club are looking forward to having those that meet the criteria above as members. After reading this, please check out the calendar, past rides and gallery areas in the web site which show all of our past rides and hundreds of photos.

(This web site along with the club name, patch and design is copyrighted. Use of this material without express written permission from the Club Founder or web designer (Don Messler, for name, patch or design, or Adam Messler regarding Web Site) will be punished to the full extent of the law.)

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