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This month we headed south. We did a lot of back roads with twists and turns until we reached our lunch destination the Hideout. We spent time enough to relax and have a nice lunch before heading back. We again had lots of twists and turns on the return ride. The weather was great and the destination and ride was enjoyed by all.
Posted on 12 Mar 2015 by AMessler
This month’s ride will be up in the air due to the threat of rain. We will still meet at the Country Junction Restaurant in Beaumont at 0900 for our Christmas breakfast. We will discuss next year’s plans for the group and rides for the first few months. If the weather cooperates we will do a short ride somewhere.
Posted on 08 Feb 2015 by AMessler
This month we did one of the favorite rides, to the Temecula backcountry area. We had great weather and a great ride. Following breakfast at the Country Junction, we headed out. After winding through the backcountry into San Diego County and back we stopped for desert and lunch in Temecula, a couple of us had a cinnamon roll that filled the plate. We then took the back roads home through Sage road and south Hemet.
Posted on 10 Dec 2014 by AMessler
Following Breakfast at the Country Junction, we headed out and followed the back roads to Tom’s Farms in Corona. We shopped, snacked and even rode the little train there. After a couple of hours we headed out and started towards Lake Elsinore. We ended up at the sky dive drop zone there and watched the sky divers for a couple of hours. It was a great time for all and brought back memories for me as I made many a jump at that drop zone. We headed back through Perris and the back roads to Beaumont.
Posted on 10 Dec 2014 by AMessler
We started out a very warm morning by riding part way up the mountain and having breakfast at Angeles Oaks Restaurant. Following a great feast we headed up the mountain to Big Bear where we walked around, shopped, snacked and had a great time for a few hours. We then headed back down the hill and rode back home the back way to Beaumont.
Posted on 10 Dec 2014 by AMessler

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